Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I am Mom...

I did that?!  5 oddly-disgusting things we do as "Mommy" (you do it, but never thought you would)... 
  1. Pick your baby up and sniff their bottom to see if it needs changed.  
  2. During the "toddler-years" you will almost always head off to Target, Church, or a Play-date with some schmootz on your shoulder... it's your new accessory.  
  3. Pull the biggest boogers you've ever seen out of your child's nose - like you've done it for years, often without a tissue... where do I put it now?!
  4. While changing a diaper, you think to yourself, "Ah ha, there are the peas from last night..."  
  5. You try to catch vomit in your hands... yum.
Motherhood is full of surprises.  

Monday, February 23, 2009

Spring is on the way!

Lots of playing...

B and N decided they should have their snack 
on the kitchen floor.
N doesn't look so happy, right?!  Right.  N has been "under the weather" since October - off and on with colds, the flu, croup, RSV, and allergies.  Sometimes there is just not a lot we can do, so after a long day Daddy tried the wheelbarrow.  He may not look like it, but he did like it and I appreciated the effort.  N loves being outside and a ride in something new was perfect.  Sometimes time with Dad is just what a little guy needs.  
N loves picking the berries off our "monkey grass."  This day he really got into it - laying in the garden, getting down and dirty with his work.  
Don't be jealous... but the weather has been nice and B needed to catch a few rays.
Yesterday N picked me a flower - what a sweet boy... it's actually a weed, so either way it was a nice gesture!
B is into jumping rope! 
N's favorite place to hang out... between Mommy's legs.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's week

What a week...  to start, we had N's 18-month check-up.  We were looking forward to this because we planned to do allergy testing for the first time since N's peanut reaction.  He is in the 25th percentile for weight and 75th for height and head circumference... long, lean, and smart!   He got his usual immunizations and then on to the long awaited allergy test.  We ended the day at the park.  The weather was beautiful!  

We were hoping his peanut reaction was a fluke, but no such luck.  The morning his pediatrician called back with the results, N had just shoveled in his last big bite of oatmeal.  With the classes of allergies already positive at 18-months they said he has some significant allergies.   So, N is confirmed allergic to peanuts, egg white, oat, cashew, barley, soybean, tomato, cat, and dog.   Bummer!  We went through our cabinets and refrigerator and now we are shopping, cooking, and eating out just a little bit differently.
  We enjoyed a few play-dates with our friends this week.  B was able to spend some fun play time with her friend!  The kids played and played... and as you can see, they also played dress-up.  I was able to have some adult conversation with my friend, which was nice for me, too.  

On Thursday we went to a Valentine's Day party with some new friends.  G's husband J works with E at TU.  The kids enjoyed a pizza party and exchanged Valentines.  Can you imagine... exchanging Valentines already?  They loved it.  
We continued the Valentine's theme with our good friends the K family and D family.  Everyone came over for drinks, appetizers, and cupcakes.  The kids all exchanged more Valentines and played.  It was fun for everyone to get together.  A little wild, but so much fun! 
B and N made Daddy special Valentine's.  We crafted a paper flower and candy bouquet and both kids painted paper hearts.  B even wrote "Dad" and "Love" on her heart.  We took Dad to lunch and delivered his gifts.  B was pretty proud of her work.    
For a while now, B has been having fun with  her letters and numbers.  She is getting quite good at writing.  I also think she is becoming quite the artist!  She likes to draw pictures of N and herself.  She even wrote me a Valentine's Day note!  
Here are a few pieces she has done... we think it's great, so we're showing it off!  

Monday, February 9, 2009

Go TU!

We all put on our Blue and headed out for a basketball game.  It was fun and exciting for the kids.  The cheerleaders and mascot kept their attention when the action on the court continued.

It was great to be inside at a game out of the wind.  Football games are so chilly!  Basketball games are perfect for the kids.  N can walk around and B can move freely and have her very own seat.   It was a nice weekend afternoon.   They won their game, which was icing on the cake.
The weather is getting warmer and we have been able to spend more and more time outside.  The kids played with their friends yesterday outside and loved it.  It rained early this morning, so we are hoping things will begin to green up soon.
  Just a note about B - She has been such a good girl lately... beyond her usual nice self.  We have been going to the YMCA each day and N is still adjusting.  When we leave them at their child-watch, N will cry.  B sticks near him, gives him his blanket, etc.  She is so loving with him and tells him "It will be okay.  Mommy is just exercising.  You can play with me and she will be back soon!"  She makes it easier on me to leave him.  
And if it weren't for B, this morning I wouldn't have notice the beautiful blue sky of clouds.  While we were driving home from the Y, she says, "Look how pretty!  The clouds are moving, Mommy!  See N?!"  
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