Thursday, January 27, 2011

dino, dino, dinosaurs

while on our trip we headed even further west to utah.  
we met up with aunt cathy and uncle scott, first for lunch.  
the kids even went through a metamorphosis and became butterflies before heading to the dinosaur park!
uncle scott gave us the grandest tour of the ogden eccles dinosaur park.  
it was great having everyone together for the day.
the kids loved the giant slide.
the photo props were spot on.
everything seemed so life-like!  yikes!

july 2010

we left our swings behind for a long trip out west.
time to visit our family.
first stop - grandma & grandpa's house.
it is a long drive, so there was plenty of time to come up with a list of things we wanted to do.
digging in the rocks, playing at the park, ice cream for lunch...
grandma and grandpa even had a few extras planned...
horse riding
b made it look so easy, n had to give it a shot.
we were hooked.  
fast fun with grandpa.
we might have to get a few of these someday.
we rode over to see where the horses hung out.  
b found pokie.
even grandma and grandpa's couch is entertaining.

last bit of june

we spent a great deal of the summer at the aquatic center with our friends.  
it was so much fun... we hope to do the same this coming summer.  
swim, snack, picnic, smile.
we went to woolaroc for kidfest.
fun activities and even horses to ride.
it was a great start to a fun summer.

fast forward begins...

where have i been?!  life got busy and i just dropped a few things off my to-do list.  let's catch up.  
june 2010 was a fun month... we had a nice visit with nanny & papa.  
we took them to the zoo.
we went on a train ride.
we monkey'd around.
stayed cool at the aquarium.
enjoyed exploring and learning.
we finally painted b's room PINK!  
painted over the yellow stripes... lesson learned.
got a little paint on ourselves.  
thanks for your help, nanny.
we made my nanny's enchiladas and toasted to her on her birthday.  cheers, nanny!
took at dip at the aquatic center.
went on a walk.
thanks for the fun visit, nanny & papa.
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