Monday, November 30, 2009


nanny and papa made it.  we were waiting and waiting.  we had a week packed full of fun.

oh how we miss them already.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Autumn leaves still falling

We love Fall and our weather is fantastic.

Tossing the leaves, playing, and laughing...

This has been a daily event at our house... and yes, they are still in their jammies.

Monday, November 2, 2009

hApPy HaLloOwEen

We had a lovely Halloween...  surprise, surprise!  
B wanted to be a princess and in true little brother fashion, so did N.  
He loves his sister and loves doing what ever she is doing, the skeleton costume just wasn't cutting it.  

They get along beautifully and on Halloween we were happy to take our two princesses out to trick-or-treat.  
We met up with the neighbors to head out into the neighborhood. 

 By the end of the night, we were ready to head home to check out the loot.

Score!  Hope you had a funtabulous Halloween, too.

funny pumpkins, falling leaves

We hope you had a nice Halloween weekend.

We spent the first part of Saturday outside decorating our pumpkins and playing in the leaves.

We had some beautiful weather.  The kids used these pumpkin decorations this year and loved them.

We have had a ton of leaves fall all at once this season, so there was a bit of yard work to tend to.

Everyone enjoyed jumping in the leaves...

Rolling in the leaves...

Sliding into the leaves...

And laughing in the leaves...  how was your weekend spent?
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