Sunday, March 28, 2010


we caved to the pressures of all the questions, drawings, pretending, and what if names... we got a puppy.  say hi, poppy.
we feel we did it the right way.  she is recycled {or i should say, upcycled}, used, or as everyone else says, rescued.  
she has a very familiar look in her eyes.
she is smart and has fallen in love with her very own red ball.
B quickly became her best pal and N is getting use to her.
welcome home poppy.    

Saturday, March 27, 2010

playing catch up

wow.  i have not been so great about keeping up with this blog.  we have been a little side tracked and busy.  i will keep the words brief and the pictures can do most of the talking.  
both kids were in and out of the doctor the past month.  luckily we can get them in at the same time...
first, N had pneumonia.  now his lungs are clear and we have moved on to seasonal allergies.  
B had some lung issues as well, but after breathing treatments and a healthy dose of steroids, she is back to good.  
both are quite good at these breathing treatments!  
B and N started swimming lessons this month.  
both love the water and are doing great.  
B is in her own class and N swims with either mommy or daddy.
and to wrap it all up, the weather is getting warmer.  
we bought N a new swing, which they are both very excited about.  
happy spring. 
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