Monday, June 21, 2010

father's day is ok

wow.  i am behind.  we have been busy with renovations to our house and then a fantastic visit from my parents.  so to catch you up, we will start with the simplest.  father's day.  
we enjoyed some time with our friends.  we had a bbq with all the fun {although N might disagree, he was a little out numbered}.
the girls had a ball.
it has been hot, so the pool has worked out nicely.
N decided to go solo and cool off on his own...
while the girls made a mad dash for the pool.  
the dads hung back to enjoy a few drinks and the ladies tried to sneak as much a/c as possible with a bucket of margaritas close by.  
happy summer.

Monday, April 26, 2010

friends, part 2

with a visit from our friends, we had to give them a tour of all the hots spots...
we packed all four car seats into the van and asked for a few funny faces...
b... the current funny face, crossed eyes
and n.  
the park was first on the list
now in order of age, b {4}, myah {4}, macy {2}, and n {2}.  what a group.
and we rounded out this day with a stop at the frozen yogurt shop.  
we took over 500 photos of this crew {and if you know me, this is not surprising}, so there is more to come... happy monday.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


our friends from iowa came down to play for nearly a week.  
this is b and myah when they last visited us... way back in november of '06.
here the girls are now.  still friends.
n and macy were only about 3 months old when they first met, so now was their time to play.  
everyone is the same age... n is 2, b is 4, myah is 4, and macy is 2.  perfect... or double the trouble.  
i will post more to come.

Monday, April 5, 2010

happy easter

spring is here and the weather this weekend was really nice, nearly 80.  
we were invited to a farm by another TU family for an egg hunt, lunch, and to see new chicks.  
B even won a hula hoop.
you know N just loved the chicks more than anything. 
B thought they were pretty cool, too.  they all were different colors.  
we played in the fields... mommy and daddy both got ticks.  fun. 
we got a little goofy, too.
easter sunday was spent constructing a play deck {of course, involves multiple trips to the hardware store}.  
who doesn't want to hunt eggs twice?
then two other families joined us at our house for another egg hunt, cracking eggs over each others' heads and dinner.
we are blessed to have our TU family here.
all the kids had another great day together.  
we are all here, far from family.  so, we are banning together and created our own family here.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


we caved to the pressures of all the questions, drawings, pretending, and what if names... we got a puppy.  say hi, poppy.
we feel we did it the right way.  she is recycled {or i should say, upcycled}, used, or as everyone else says, rescued.  
she has a very familiar look in her eyes.
she is smart and has fallen in love with her very own red ball.
B quickly became her best pal and N is getting use to her.
welcome home poppy.    

Saturday, March 27, 2010

playing catch up

wow.  i have not been so great about keeping up with this blog.  we have been a little side tracked and busy.  i will keep the words brief and the pictures can do most of the talking.  
both kids were in and out of the doctor the past month.  luckily we can get them in at the same time...
first, N had pneumonia.  now his lungs are clear and we have moved on to seasonal allergies.  
B had some lung issues as well, but after breathing treatments and a healthy dose of steroids, she is back to good.  
both are quite good at these breathing treatments!  
B and N started swimming lessons this month.  
both love the water and are doing great.  
B is in her own class and N swims with either mommy or daddy.
and to wrap it all up, the weather is getting warmer.  
we bought N a new swing, which they are both very excited about.  
happy spring. 

Friday, February 26, 2010

hair cuts

i have always cut B's hair, however it is getting long and i was not sure how straight it really was, so we took her for her first professional cut.  
she did great.
i can't leave N out... i cut his hair every couple of weeks. 
the little guy has a lot less hair than B, but it's still nice.
cheese!  happy friday.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

love is...

happy valentine's day to all our friends and family.  we love and miss you...

Monday, February 1, 2010

we survived

we survived the storm... now we are having a little fun in it.  
our vintage sled works perfect with all the ice.  

getting ready to throw a snow ball at mommy.

happy monday.
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