Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a bit more easter

i totally failed to mention, we dyed easter eggs for the first time this year, too.  yes, we have never dyed eggs with the kids.  what the?!  
 ready, set... now it is time for some fun!

 after we decorated eggs we played around for a while and then decided we should get them in the refrigerator.  since N is allergic to eggs, we don't cook them around here.  when we bought them, he was a little perplexed.  now that they are very cool looking, we talked about how we should keep them cold and i would crack them open and eat them this week.  what?!  N was mortified that i would suggest such a thing.  you will crack them and eat them?  then he huddled them up, like he was going to protect his little eggs.  this is all our fault as parents.  we very rarely eat meat, so the thought of eating these beautiful eggs was a bit much.  it was funny.  i still will eat them, just in secret.  shh!  don't tell him!

B & N also painted their gifts from the easter bunny - it was a fun day.

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